Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Look, I know I haven't been here in a while....

I got married!
I'm going back to school for another degree!
P is working two jobs, getting their business off the ground! Damn you, trademarks!
I'm still working full-time!
Cue equal parts terror and excitement!

I'm not saying it's quits for this blog, because reading and writing are my life and I'm sure I'll get back to them once I have a significant amount of brainspace to devote to them. But for now, it's all studying and just-enough-fiction-to-keep-from-going-insane and desperately trying to make sure there's food in the fridge and clean clothing in the drawers. And you know, that I've showered at some point in the last week (it's harder than you think). But yeah, I'm busy, and P's busy, and I miss everyone here and all of my reading and writing pals.

I put off writing this post for way too long. I'll still update if I get a hankering for it (like right now). Eventually, I may do a How We Pulled Off an Awesome Wedding for $6k post. Maybe. I'm really just trying to keep my head on straight right now. Good luck to me! And see you around.


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  2. A wedding for six thousand, you should write a book. My boyfriend would definitely read it.

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