Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hello, Strangers! My life in a paragraph.

Don't worry, it's all my fault that you are strangers. Life has been crazy! No excuse, I know, I know, but TFB. We got a lot of used furniture from a family friend, and have been shifting and disassembling the house to find a home for everything. Not to mention gardening, or really Phil Reviving the Plants that Gina Let Die. But! My library is looking awesome! The couch is upstairs, as are the bookshelves, and all my books except for those in storage have homes on the shelves (eventually, everything will be on the shelves). It is wonderful! I don't care that it seems a bit frivolous in this modern day to have a room full of books, it is so relaxing to have my own space to retreat to when I don't feel like dealing with people or noise. My phone took a little swim in a pool of condensation and I blew the SD card reader and lost all my photos and music (the music was backed up, the photos were not). I did a full day of laundry! Which means I get to buy a book. Brewing and broken gaskets and infected White Chocolate MooHoo (sad Gina)! Arranging fans to blow heat out of the house so I can still use the oven! About ten projects have come in at work and I am ripping my hair out. My car inspection is *ahem* TOTALLY ON TIME. Also, a wedding, visiting friends, cleaning up after dinner parties is harder than cooking for dinner parties, and this summer heat can just march it's frilly ass down to Florida. Loving the thunderstorms, though. Have lots of new camping gear and no free weekend to take it for a spin. Trying to read as much of my library haul before it's due. Is this giving you a headache? Yeah WELCOME TO LIFE.

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