Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why yes, I will eat those Gushers for breakfast.

I'm thinking of buying a new wardrobe consisting entirely of my library. Litographs are awesome. Posters and t-shirts! Posters are cool, but why buy that when you can have a T-SHIRT??? (In other news, I have the fashion sense of a teenage boy.) But I can inflict my love of books on entire countries! MWUAHAHAHA!!! Check out all their t-shirts. And posters, if you must. And even better, Litographs pairs up with the International Book Bank to promote literacy! Double win!

There are some benefits to being an adult. For instance: buying a mondo box of Gushers without any accompanying lecture. And then proceeding to eat said Gushers for dinner, also without any accompanying lecture. And topping off the Gushers with Babybel cheeses and roasted asparagus. (It's healthy!) DINNER.

Along the train line, some mystery artists are "paint bombing." There is the above section of trees and grass, every surface painted pepto-pink (sorry for the blurriness, it's hard to take a quick picture through a window on a moving train). There is also a pink shack, an orange building, and lime green train tracks. I think it's totally awesome. Would love to find good pictures of everything (or even hunt them down myself for some pictures!).

Gorgeous flowers in our yard.

The bell at the best Thai place evar (which also happens to be local).

Baby robin!

In other news... IT BEGINS. The Harry Potter Reread. Via the badass Jim Dale audiobooks. Cue work tears.

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