Thursday, May 15, 2014

Things 'round town, for all my sexy readers.

Tuesday night I pulled about 350 goldenrod plants out of a 12 x 4 foot bed near the back gate. I am not exaggerating about that number either, the number of plants in that tiny space was astounding. It's progress. (The good thing about goldenrod is that it attracts birds and bees and butterflies. I'll have to find something else to bring all the lovely woodland creatures to our yard. Like milkshakes.) That being said, I really don't understand how people garden for stress relief. It's nice being outside, but the whole "keeping plants alive" thing is a foreign concept to me. I overwater, I underwater, I plant the wrong things next to each other and they get angry... I really don't get it. Please send help. I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers, beans, and peas. So far, I have one tomato seedling, zero cucumbers or peppers, one bean seedling, and a fuckton of peas (they're gonna be awesome!) I really hope I get some tomatoes!

This is goldenrod. This is not my yard. It grows approximately 1000 plants per square foot. From

I read the first Veronica Mars book, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. It was quite good, but I imagine it's the type of book where only the already-fans will be able to get into it, because there isn't much along the lines of character development or explanation. The whole Veronica Mars franchise is awesome and badass, but I'd recommend to start with the show, then see the movie, then read the books. Now I'm reading The Universe vs. Alex Woods. It was a bit slow to start up (waaay too much set up), but now that I've finally met Mr. Peterson, it's great. I recommend this one, with the warning to stick through until page 100.

I'm working through The Artist's Way, slowly. My writing got pretty derailed, and I'm trying to get back into it gently. I tend to do too much, get overwhelmed, and then steer clear of it for months. I'm working up my stamina and focusing on keeping it for me. I don't need something else to stress me out in life, especially something that's self-inflicted. In place of writing, I'm knitting my first sweater! I should really add pictures to the project, but you can see what it'll look like if you click the pattern. It is very swell. I shall wear it with Harry Potter glasses and a Gandalf pipe.

Dragged P to Ikea last night (to buy popsicle molds, obviously). Was able to buy another jar for the counter, to fill with a gluten-free flour mix. I am going to label it UNFLOUR. Pretty excited about that.

This is a really cool map:
Thanks to Kristin Cashore for sharing! From Image credit: Ben Blatt/Slate.
Peace out, bean sprouts!

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