Friday, March 7, 2014

Grasshopper Jungle

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

Sixteen-year-old Austin Szerba interweaves the story of his Polish legacy with the story of how he and his best friend , Robby, brought about the end of humanity and the rise of an army of unstoppable, six-foot tall praying mantises in small-town Iowa. To make matters worse, Austin's hormones are totally oblivious; they don't care that the world is in utter chaos: Austin is in love with his girlfriend, Shann, but remains confused about his sexual orientation. He's stewing in a self-professed constant state of maximum horniness, directed at both Robby and Shann. Ultimately, it's up to Austin to save the world and propagate the species in this sci-fright journey of survival, sex, and the complex realities of the human condition. (BN|GR)

I couldn't wait for my libary to get this. It just sounded too weird and quirky and I wanted it in my grubby little paws. I went out and bought it.

I'm so fucking glad I did.

The entire time I was reading this book, it just made me so fucking happy. It's so good. It's different than anything else you've ever read (I promise, even if you're a MiƩville fan), has a unique voice that stands out and yet serves the novel, and is really just all around Fucking Awesome. That's right. Capital F. (Unrelated: this is still fucking confusing.)

This is not a review. If you want one of those, go read this one over at The Book Smugglers. I agree with everything in it (even the criticisms), and it is very well written and encapsulates the book completely. I can't top that review. (I also have no interest to.) What I want to do is reiterate that you need to fucking read this book. Sorry. Capital F. Trust me. Read it. It is hysterical, and heartwarming, and I promise you will fall in love with it, and want to keep it forever. It will be one of the books you grab as you run out the door to escape the apocalypse.

This is the first Andrew Smith novel I've read. Winger is already on my TBR list, so I may have to check that one out next. Here is his website and twitter.

Update: Soooo... this also happened!

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