Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A little bit of everything

NaNo update: I started over. For a completely lame reason, too. I just couldn't sort through the issues in my plot and still make the wordcount. I was floundering. It was painful. And I see no reason to type nonsense just to make the wordcount (as I'm actually trying to make this a learning experience) so I started working on the book I've been brainstorming for the past couple of months. It has a MUCH simpler plot, but on the other hand it is MUCH more emotional. So, easier and harder at the same time. I am a bit under my goal at the moment, but I'm still trucking. Since I don't actually care about hitting the 50k within the deadline, I am going to December 14. And I have all next week off from work (omg YAY) so I plan to be hitting the coffeeshops and all that good stuff to bang out some more words. I've never done this before: a whole week off work. I'm excited! The house is going to be SO CLEAN. Or, I am going to watch a ton of West Wing. And, you know, write.

I'd really like to see the video attached to this article (which was removed for copyright reasons) so if anyone can find it in a more legal venue I would be much obliged! But read the article. I like nice people. (And on that note, have some ninja onions.)

Harry Potter is our generation's Woodstock. This... this is just so true. I was right there, growing up with Harry. It occupies such a large portion of my childhood I don't even know how to explain to people who don't get it. I also loved this article by the same writer about why Neville rocks. Because seriously, Neville rocks. And I'd never made that connection before, between the two generations. Very astute.

I think it may be time to reread Harry Potter. I know I've been saying that for a while, but damn. I don't have the headspace with all this writing to be inhaling new stuff. (And trust me, that kills.) So many great things have caught my eye, and yet I find myself reaching for Among Others, Fire (third time this year!), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Ready Player One. All books firmly rooted on my favorites shelf.

A response to the latest YA-bashing article that's been floating around. Seriously, I don't understand people. Also, you should be following Foz Meadow's blog, because she is ├╝ber smart. Nay, brilliant.

Also: Girls kick ass! Pro choice! Pro birth control! Support gay marriage! Support Obamacare! Yeah, I'm one of those people. Feel free to cower. It seemed like an appropriate time to reiterate that.

I am extremely excited for my week off next week. I want to tackle the mountains of stuff in the front room that has been slowly growing for the past few months. And also write. And oh! I'm seeing the Nutcracker Wednesday night! That is going to be sweeeeet. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, which is obviously the best holiday of the year. Try not to kill your families!

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