Monday, October 14, 2013

I love food

It looks like Pinterest has made a really snazzy update to their program where it shoots a reminder at you when you try to pin something more than once. Which is really fantastic, because who wants to look at a board with the same picture over and over (more bang for your buck, people), except now I am actually forced to keep scrolling through my board until I find the freaking pin, and sometimes they are really hard to find.

But I've realized something about myself. I can't find things very well when they are on my left side. Which is funny, because my left eye has better eyesight than my right (thanks to a fantastically epic soccer injury in fifth grade that involved a ball connecting with my face).

Eventually, I found what I was looking for. Pinto beans with peaches and bacon. I made them last night, and holy hell are they delicious. Like, seriously delicious. And for those of you thinking OMG BEANS EWW VOMIT, just shillax. Don't compare them to the canned stuff that is mushier than applesauce and saltier than condensed soup. Using dried beans makes a huge difference, and ever since I started using them, I am in love. I don't really know why I was so afraid of soaking beans. I mean, seriously, all you do is stick them in a big bowl with water overnight. But they stay firmer as you cook, and they don't have gobs and gobs of salt.

Go over and check out her recipe. She's a great blogger, too. But I will tell you what changes I made.

I added a teaspoon of crushed red pepper. Because there is nothing that cannot be improved by making it spicy. Actually, you know how there are those trends of "omg you're addicted to sugar" or "omg you're addicted to dairy!" (Which I'm sure are backed by very good reasons not to eat sugar or dairy or whatever the ban-of-the-day is, but barring a sudden new allergy, we already have enough allergies to contend with without removing more delicious things from our diet. That being said, I am trying to eat less meat, but I'm not completely removing it from my diet (yet).) Anyway, I'm totally addicted to spicy food. And now Phil is, as well. So much so that we forget when we eat with friends that not everyone is insane and wants the lining dissolved from their mouth. And we go out of our way to get things like Trinidad Scorpion Chilies (that smell like dog farts) and no chili or stew or curry is complete without a healthy pile of dried ghost chilies.

And now you're thinking, "Just a teaspoon, ay?" Well. I should also note that after cooking the beans for the required hour and a half, I uncovered them and simmered the pot for another 2+ hours, to thicken it up and let the beans soften just a little bit more. A wonderful thing happens to red pepper when it is simmered. It dissolves. The capsaicin permeates everything and MULTIPLIES, and what you thought was just a measly teaspoon of red pepper (psh) gives you a very healthy burn that is comforting for us spice-aholics and unpleasant for the uninitiated. (And now, try a curry with two tablespoons of ghost chili flakes. THAT, my friends, is an adventure.)

Really, all I wanted to do here was tell you about some beans. But you are now getting so much more. (Maybe I should make an effort to blog more regularly...) I could also be procrastinating, as I originally planned to write during my lunch break. (The WIP, not the blog. But alas, distraction.)

A few things about beans. Dried beans, soaked well, do not give you gas the way canned or quick-soaked beans do. I heard that soaking them with fresh ginger helps remove more of the gases, and I happened to have some ginger that was too dried out to cook with, so I sliced it all up and added it to the bowl. I really don't know if it made a difference, but I love ginger and it made me feel scientific and smart, so I did it. And any lingering ginger taste will really only make this dish better. (Make sure you pull out the pieces before you cook, though.)

You also shouldn't add the salt until after everything is done cooking, because makes the beans tough and it takes much longer for them to cook. But honestly, I totally forgot to add any salt (a recurring problem lately), and I think it's fine. The barbeque sauce was plenty enough salty, and the spiciness makes up for any lack of salt.

What else have I been making? Well, carmelitas, and these apple cheddar scones, for starters. The carmelitas were to die for, especially when they were fresh and still hot and a bit gooey. Phil wasn't a fan of the scones ("Get this cheese out of my scone!") but I thought they were delicious. Go make those, too.

Happy eating!

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