Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Muse concert!

I went to see a Muse concert last night. It was amazing.

This is where we were sitting before everything started:

Cage the Elephant opened. I was excited to see them because I like their music, but unfortunately they kind of sucked. The lead singer was definitely on something, and he was running a bopping around so much, a guy was following him around constantly untangling the mic wire. The bass player (maybe the guitar player, I don't know we were far away) stepped out of his way and tripped over an amp, and played a song on his ass. The vary last song, the singer jumped on the same bass/guitar players back, they both topple over, the bass/guitar player pulls his strap off and just leaves the guitar on the floor, and walks off the stage looking pissed.

Crappy picture of Cage the Elephant.
Then, someone working at the venue came up to our section (number 205A) with a huge stack of tickets and asked everyone if we wanted to move up for Muse. Ummmm... YES.

So we moved up to section 124. Which is right next to the stage. For FREE.

The lights went out and everyone started screaming. It was fantastic.

We were THIS CLOSE. Did I mention how fantastic it was? Matt Bellamy is like a tiny adorable tidal wave. Amazing guitar player, and he has a fantastic voice. All that high pitched stuff Muse does? It's all him. The Bass player sings too, but the lower stuff. (Once or twice he did some high stuff though.) They played for an hour and forty five minutes straight. That's a lot of high pitched singing. I lost my voice singing along, but I may have been a bit exuberant.

And don't let me short-shrift the bass player, drummer, and keyboard/backgroud guitarist. They were all amazing. The bass player played a song on harmonica that was banging, and then threw it into the audience. They also threw guitar picks and drum sticks into the audience. (It would have been so cool to get a guitar pick. The drum sticks seem a little dangerous.)

There was this cool triangle-dome thing that went up and down during the show and showed cool videos, close-ups of the band, and crazy designs.

It was so awesome.

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