Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What exactly are we upset about? On Miley, Robin, and dancing.

For those of you who haven't seen it, there was a performance on the VMAs last night. Some may deem it racy. Some may deem it sexy. Some may deem it stupid that there were giant teddy bears on the stage in the first place. Some may think that it was two people singing two good songs that happen to deal with sex. It involved some junk touching some other junk. *OMG EWWWWW* Because, you know, people never do that. There is no actual touching involved at any time of life, and all newborn children are a result of immaculate conception. Because people NEVER decide to have consensual sex out of wedlock, OH THE HORROR.

Seriously now, what's the big deal? Miley Cyrus sang a song about doing whatever you want just for the sake of doing it, and her performance emulated that. (And one can argue that a performance should emulate the song. I guess it doesn't have to. But in this case, it did.) I say, good for her. Miley, thank you for being awesome and shoving the foots of all the naysayers into their own asses. Thank you for doing whatever you want just for the sake of doing it. Because Robin Thicke can have a video full of naked women, but Miley Cyrus can't stick out her tongue and dick around with a foam finger? (Pun intended.)

Might I remind you, no one was actually naked. There was no sacrifice to Cthulu. And as Seanan McGuire pointed out, MTV approved this. They did not cut away to the background dancers. They did not zoom in on Robin Thicke singing. And let's not forget that Robin Thicke was a part of this too. He didn't have to stand behind her. He could have stood anywhere. Miley would have just been twerking her little booty to the audience, like she already had several times so far.

When I was in high school, there was a church nearby that hosted weekly dances for kids to have somewhere safe and alcohol free to go every Friday night. It was a great idea. Except the place was rife with drugs, kids arrived already drunk, and there was so much grinding on the dance floor they probably should have been handing out condoms. My point is, nothing kids see in that performance is going to be surprising. They are already having sex. They are allowed to have sex. Their psyches are not poisoned. Get over it. Stop slut shaming. It's a good song, she's a good dancer, and she's laid back enough to be goofy. If you really hate the dancing, at least enjoy the fact that two good singers collaborated a performance between two good songs.

Update: Have since listened to the lyrics, and am realizing that Blurred Lines is actually an awful song all wrapped up in a catchy tune. Which is unfortunate. But this still has no bearing on Miley dancing.

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