Tuesday, June 18, 2013

House-y Things

Look at those sexy walls.... and ceilings! It's almost like we have actual bedrooms in our house! The bedrooms, each half the size of the living room, are each taking just as long to hang the sheetrock because there are so many damn things to cut around. But the stack of sheetrock in the living room is slowly getting smaller and smaller!
The other bedroom still looks like this.
Remember that tiny pile of stuff I move in with way back when? It's now evolved to this. We consolidated the "stuff" in the front room with the tools in the back room, and Phil moved most of his stuff over. (Most of my stuff is still at my parents.) Once the bedrooms are done and we have fancy things like dressers and bookshelves, most of this will have a place to live. But we were able to make room for...
This! An actual bed! In an actual bedroom! Granted, it's just temporary, but do you have any idea how luxurious a bed is after sleeping on an air mattress in the dining room for four months. AMAZING. We ripped out the carpet (we also ripped out the carpet in the basement) and it feels really great to get it all out of the house. We were going to wait to do this when the bedrooms were done, but nothing ever goes as planned.
And here is the no-longer-a-bedroom dining room! With the awesome table! And chairs, so we can eat like normal people instead of balancing plates on our knees! (And speaking of knees, that's mine on the right.) And the purty floor that goes into the kitchen and will eventually also go into the nook and the hallway. But that's a job for another, hopefully soon, day. The light looks really yellow coming from the kitchen. It's not that yellow in real life...
The pretty clock that fits the mildly-steampunk theme to the kitchen. (Except it TICKS. DIE TICKING DIE.) This won't be a problem when we are sleeping upstairs, but until that happens I am in sleeping right next to the kitchen, and THE TICKING IT DOESN'T STOP.
And my nails, because I had a picture. They glow in the dark! And yes, I'm 25 years old and still can't paint between the lines. I'm over it.

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