Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Game of Thrones Goes to High School, and They're all a Bunch of Teenage Jerks - WHAT this is so awesome!!! And the 1995 version of Game of Thrones, via @stdennard.

Penguin Bloopers - Your daily dose of adorable.

Andrea Arnold's New Adaptation of 'Wuthering Heights' Finally Gets It Right - I can't wait to see this! Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books, and one of the few books I enjoyed in high school. I'd read it several times even before Twilight made it quasi-famous. (I also enjoyed The Scarlet Letter in high school, even though I think I was the only who liked that book. I also hated Huckleberry Finn. And I've never read Romeo and Juliet or Pride and Prejudice.) Check out some photos from the set: via @aprilynnpike

A great review of the new Tomb Raider that tells us we all freaked out over nothing. - Talk about bad marketing, though. Via @nkjemisin.

Waterproof Sticky Notes. I NEED THESE.

Search Term Bingo. Ok, if you've never see these, the point of the game is to look at the search terms that bring people to your blog, and then you ruminate on them. Hilarity ensues. Seriously, Wendig is fucking hilarious.

To Outline or Not To Outline. Because these are always interesting.

Mr. Rogers. So interesting! I need to hunt down that speech. Also, thank you for not being an asshole.

I am excited for things!!!
Season 7 continues March 30!
Season 3 begins March 31!
Out April 2!
MM out April 2!

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