Thursday, March 7, 2013

23 days!!!

...until Doctor Who continues! I'm so excited!!! I'll get to watch them with everyone else for the first time! I'm excited to see what it feels like to have to wait a week between each episode instead of watching 3+ a night. I still need to watch the first five episodes of season 7 in the alternate order... but I tried watching the first 1969 episode and I cried too much in the first scene so I didn't get much farther (further?) after that.

That Crafty Feeling by Zadie Smith. This is a really good essay about writing her novels. Very honest. Except we write completely differently, so that weird. If I don't know where the story is going is fizzles into soup so quickly it's just a mayfly buzzing in my ear. That makes me a Macro planner, whereas she is a Micro Manager, editing each sentence as she goes. If I wrote like that I would shoot myself in the face. Ugh, too much stress.I  really liked what she said about reading other people's words while you're writing.

If you don't already follow Tor's blog, you need to. It has smart and funny essays that don't shy away from topics that may push people away. For instance, the LGBTQ articles, which are great. And in that vein, this article from Jay Kristoff. People really make me sick when they are closed-minded assholes.

I actually finished reading a book! Graceling by Kristin Cashore. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Devoured it. This makes book number 1 for the year! I'm feeling it's going to be a slow year reading-wise. But that's not to say I'm not reading, I'm reading all the time, and going through piles of books. I'm just not finishing anything.

26 days until The Wise Man's Fear is out in mass market! No, I am not counting down the seconds... and yes, I am rereading The Name of the Wind. It just grips my heart every time.

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