Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ideas!!!! And quandries...

After consciously NOT writing for so long (but still having it in the back of my mind) it was harder than I would have liked to get back in the swing of really thinking about writing. I couldn't help but get a little worried about it. What if not writing for three months meant my brain won't work anymore? What if all the work I'd done so far meant nothing? What if I could never write anything again because for some reason three months of avoiding something is enough time to completely erase it from my memory? I mean, I wasn't writing OR reading for a while, instead painting or cleaning or watching lots of TV and knitting. In the back of my mind I knew I was being ridiculous, and that I just needed to relax, maybe read a few books to get my brain out of screenplay mode and into prose mode, and ideas would start coming to me again.

Well, let me just go on the record to say that  within three days I'd already had that one idea to get the story flowing in my head. Seriously, I worry way too much. And isn't it funny, I've had this in my head for a very long time, but I'd never thought of it as something that could work in a story. And then all of a sudden it's HOLY SHIT THAT'S PERFECT I'M AN IDIOT. That's a really good feeling, by the way.

So my stalled story is now churning in my brain. The character is suddenly alive, a requirement for me if I want to write anything, and I have the first several scenes of set-up outlined in a frenzied scrawl on a piece of scrap paper. (Which means nothing until I actually write those scenes, but still.) Now I just need to figure out which direction I want to go... contemporary or fantasy? Both directions are feasible. The story goes further in my brain down the fantasy road, but I just don't think the premise is enough to support a fantastical element. It seems much more natural to go down the contemporary road, but that way is a bit boring so far.

But let's be serious, it has to have SOME magic...

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