Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Holy shit guys, I moved into the house!

Behold, stuff! Everything is currently sitting in that pile in the dining room, which is freshly painted and the carpet is freshly ripped up. The dining room is dark purple! It's soooo awesome. You can see a hint of it in the upper corner of the picture. I'm currently sleeping on the couch because I'm too lazy to move my bed into the house at the moment, but it will get there eventually. A few nights on the couch until the weekend won't kill me. I need to sort through all my shit, unpack everything for the kitchen, pull out the staples and tack strips from the dining room carpet, and paint the wood rail a nice charcoal color. I would also like to paint my nails, because they have been naked for almost a month now.

Eventually (i.e., sooner rather than later), we will buy another pack of insulation to finish the upstairs, a whole bunch more sheetrock for the walls and ceilings, and figure out what the hell we are going to paint those two bedrooms. I can't wait to get a bed in there and then P can move all of his stuff and computer over, and then we can be almost NORMAL, living in our purty house!

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