Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why so silent?


I know. It's unbelievable. September 26th, I thought I was doomed to live at home forever. There wasn't even talk of moving out yet. I was trying to push for an apartment, but P was having none of that. September 27th, we drove by the most perfect house, called our friend's mom (who's a realtor) that very night, and said "Make it happen."

And it happened!

We are currently renovating. Three cracked layers of plaster and no insulation in the entire house. And wood paneling. OH, THE WOOD PANELING. In every color you can imagine. Let me tell you, it's a mess. The place probably had the same decor since it was built in 1940. And man, did it have the stains to prove it. But the house was filled with beautiful, sturdy wood, and the layout is great.

BEFORE - Left bedroom. I don't even know what to say about this wallpaper/carpet combo.
BEFORE - Right bedroom. If we had a little boy, the sailboats would actually be cute. But we don't. And the walls had to come down anyway. And the wood paneling could never be cute.
This is in the middle of ripping down the walls.

The rooms currently look like this, but at least the dust has settled since then.
 The living room is all ripped out as well. We are going to caulk all the bazillion little holes and spaces, then redo a bunch of the wiring (there isn't much light in the entire house, and the outlets need ground wires), then add some insulation, and walls, and then comes time to PAINT!!! (Guess which part I'm excited for.) But the whole house has wood flooring that's just been sitting underneath the carpet, so we plan to sand and refinish the floors.

Have I mentioned we're doing all of this ourselves?

Once the two bedrooms and the living room is done (and I'd like to paint the dining room as well, but we don't have to rip down the walls there because there is nowhere we need to add insulation, the only outside wall is almost completely taken up by a window) we get to move in!!! And then more renovations, like the other two bedrooms and the kitchen and the bathroom (and the basement, and the workshop...). It's going to take a while. But let me tell you, when it's done, it's going to be AMAZING. There are a lot of rooms, so there are lots of steps, but it makes the projects a bit more manageable.

The house is full of all kinds of hidey holes, for instance: there are SIX separate crawl spaces. Lots of storage space! Which is good, because there is not a lot of floor space. One of the reasons we are going all gung-hu on the wiring is so we can add wall sconces to all of the rooms for additional light instead of taking up the floor or tables with lamps.

And did I mention the workshop in the back? P has a great place for all of the brewing equipment him and his friends use, and their patron (an extremely patient sister of the brewing group) can finally get her shed back. He's really excited because the workshop has a little porch with an overhang, so they can brew if it's raining out (which they can't currently do).

Our frat house fridge, full of pizza and beer. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd get sick of my beloved pizza, but holy shit I'm so sick of eating it. It's not even fresh pizza. It's reheated. All the time. UGH.

Our new washer and dryer! And P, hiding in the back. They're BLUE! Bossman says You know you're an adult when you have a new washer and dryer and are EXCITED about it. :) So I'm all growed up now?
 All in all, it's going to be AMAZING. We want to move in by Christmas/New Year. It's definitely feasible. More pictures to come! *Excited!*

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