Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sup y'all

Book Lover's Problems:

I want to read them both NOW RIGHT NOW. Have you seen the trailer for Beautiful Creatures? Fan-fucking-tastic. There are several movies I'm excited for in 2013:
Beautiful Creatures
The Host
The End of the World
World War Z
Side Effects
Plus more, but especially these.

Not that I have much time for reading these days. We finished hanging drywall in the living room last night, then promptly spent all night bailing out the sump well since the pump broke. Really. Phil and I both got two hours of not-sleep, and spent the rest of the night hauling the wet/dry vac around.

That is the newly empty well, with the newly installed sump pump, big enough to hold several bodies. I never thought it could be so awesome that Home Depot opens at 6am. I installed the pump myself! It wasn't that cool, actually, it was gross. But still proud of my handiwork. =]

And let me tell you, sump pumps are one seriously underappreciated piece of magic. There should be a Sump Pump Appreciation Day, where the world makes ritual sacrifices to keep the Basement Gods appeased.

This happened.

I ordered Doctor Who yarn from Etsy. There are so many beautiful handpainted yarns posted there. This one is from SeeJaneKnitYarns, it's called Mad Man With a Box. I'm really excited to get it. I also got fancy circular knitting needles for Christmas to help me with my double-pointed needle deficiency. Can't wait to make fingerless gloves!

Image via here.
Have a picture of my cat.

Odin. Also known as Odie, Dopie, Asshat, and Peanut.

Or I should say, my father's cat. Little traitor. He plays fetch, usually with little paper balls, but he figured out that if he drags the pouch of cat treats around someone will eventually give him one because that's just so damn cute. He also had catnip for the first time on Christmas. He was chewing his leg for half an hour.

I had a really fantastic pile of gifts from Christmas. =] Just trust me, they were fantastic. The annoying part is that they're spread between four houses right now, so they are never where I am. Still working on that. Other people liked the gifts Phil and I gave them too. I think families exchange gifts on Christmas so they hate each other a little less when they have to spend time in cramped quarters with no escape. It worked. Christmas was bearable, not as bad as I dreaded. Glad it's over though. Now I can enjoy my new knitting needles and boots and cookbooks with a clear mind. Except for that little house-overhaul. That takes up most of my brain power these days.

All in all, happy, and tired.

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