Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gun Control Won't Help

Despite the overwhelming evidence that people are stupid lugnuts without two brain cells to rub together (i.e., Christmas shopping season), people, in fact, are very smart. Have you ever seen a prison documentary where they show various shivs that have been confiscated? It is incredible the creativity and resourcefulness that went into obtaining and making these makeshift knives. All while they are seemingly under constant supervision. Preventing the general populace from owning guns won't prevent crime any more than Prohibition prevented alcohol comsumption. Adding software and DRM to dvds and cds did not and does not prevent people from ripping them anyway. No matter what the media companies come out with, some one out there is always smarter.

I am on the side of Mental Health reform. Because this country does shit to handle these things. I work in the city, and everyday I pass someone dirty and smelling of piss muttering to themselves and shambling down the sidewalk like a zombie. It's a horrible thing to see, especially when if someone, anyone, had taken any kind of interest in getting the right people the right help, it could have been prevented.

Most of everyone has already spoken about the Sandy Hook shootings, much more eloquently than I could. I only want to link to a few people who said it particularly well.

I Was One of the Scary Kids
How Close are we to More Killings?
Health Care, Mass Murder, and So On

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