Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Goddammit, I WILL learn how to knit!

This skill just... eludes me. My fingers cramp and everything gets progressively tighter until I can't even get the loops over the needles and then I miss a stitch somewhere and there's a fucking HOLE I have to stare at for the rest of the damn project....

I bought the Beekeeper's Quilt pattern. Those cute little hexipuffs are damn difficult. And then I found this help video, which would have been great except her fingers look as clumsy as mine and that isn't helpful. I will figure it out eventually.

I really want to make fingerless gloves. They're awesome, and damn expensive in the store for something I only kindof like. I tried last winter, but it was a bit small and I only made one... so once again not helpful. I may try this pattern, easy and simple and a good thing to learn from, I'm sure. But "easy" is not really my style. I don't know how to jump into the shallow end of things. Because how cool are these gloves?! They have OWLS on them! And this pair would be my first choice, but yeah WOW way out of my pay grade. This pair is pretty neat too, I love the gray/blue pair.

This website seems to be the best from everything I've found. Clear instructional videos that tackle one thing and that I can actually understand, plus there seem to be videos on absolutely everything I could possibly want to know.

Decorative stitches!

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