Thursday, November 15, 2012


How quickly these things flop. I was writing merrily along for the first week and a half, putting out an insane amount of words (for me, at least). Then I hit a brick wall. It's my fault, I was completely not prepared for November 1st. I started brainstorming on October 30th, and that just didn't work.

And for the past several WIP, I've always had a male protagonist. But the whole time I'm writing, these female characters keep popping into my head, disrupting the story. They was a voice, and I try to work them in, but then it completely derails the story I was trying to tell before. I don't want to add a female character if she isn't going to let me tell the story I wanted to tell. I still love the story I was working on, but now is obviously not the time to write it.

So, I am taking a completely different tactic, and writing something with a female protagonist driving everything. I might as well write about what I am thinking about, and not fight it. Maybe it will help to actually finish something. I am sad to leave my other story behind, but now I have something new and exciting to think about! So that is a very good thing. And I'm not rushing this either... NaNoWriMo is fantastic for all the camaraderie, but I need my own pace. I wish the NaNo chat rooms were open all year round though! Anyone know a substitute?

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