Sunday, November 4, 2012


So, instead of actually doing my writing for NaNo, I was browsing the internet (surprise, surprise). At least it was mildly related, because I was searching for a white noise-type track of keyboard typing to get me into the write-in mindset and to drown out the noise of P's video games. (A guy in a write-in last year made a writing track that was keyboard typing and classical music superimposed on top of each other. Pretty cool.) Anyway, I ended up finding this non-sexual fetish subculture called ASMR that is basically that good feeling you get in the back of your head when you fall asleep to something monotonous and repetitive, for example happily listening to the sound of typing, or of scissors clipping something, or a vegetable peeler, etc. While some people would find a youtube video solely of someone's hands peeling potatoes so insanely boring it makes them want to shoot themselves, evidently there are a lot of people who don't because the video has 350 thousand views. This immediately reminded me of yoga classes, because the soft music and the teacher's soft voice really are so fantastically relaxing. Anyway, some linkage:

ASMR, The Good Feeling No One Can Explain
Explanation of Synesthesia (not directly related, but still interesting)
Sound clip of typing and clicking

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