Tuesday, August 14, 2012


LibriVox. Free audiobooks to download of books in the public domain, read by volunteers.

The Story Board - Episode 1. An hour of Urban Fantasy with Pat Rothfuss and cool guests. The amazingness is already leaking through your monitor, so no other description is necessary.

The Other Side of the Story. An awesome writing blog ridiculously full of great articles. I've been linked to this blog before for the odd essay, but have never really scrolled through it seriously. Shame on me. It's pretty much an MFA program of awesome but without the tuition and residency bills.

BBC World Book Club. Hour long interviews with authors of new and old releases. Definitely check it out, you're bound to find something that'll be worth listening to.

The Thought Project. A photographer stopped people on the street, took their picture, and asked them what they were thinking. Neat to see that my thoughts aren't the only ones that are random, broken, meaningless, or insightful at times.

I really like this idea.

In writing news, I am. Slowly but surely. And I'm not telling you about it.

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