Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I read a lot of great articles during the week, most of which I find in my Twitter feed. I think they are great articles, and I just want to share! Which leads me into my first link...

Should Bloggers Charge for Reviews? This makes me angry. A book review site charging money for reviews. I'm sorry, whatever happened to reviewing books because you loved them and wanted to tell people about them? Even if you didn't really love the book, there's a compulsion for readers to talk about what we just read. For the record, I review books because I wanted to read them, and now that I've read them I want to tell you about them.

Two great posts from Beth Revis, one old and one new:
The Definition of Badass. Comparing Katniss, Bella, and Hermione, and why all three of the characters are strong. You know, I admit that I knock Twilight a lot (mainly because I'm sick of the teen franchise it's become) but when I first read the book, I loved them. In the words of Beth Revis, there is something strong about knowing what you want and going after it, even if that something is only love. I would have loved to hear this panel.
Thankful for Dreams.

Are you an aspiring writer? If so, you should be following this guy.

Hilarious Guide to the London Olympics. Your one-stop shop for cultural know-how. Fit in like a true Brit!

I've been watching Supernatural on Netflix. Marathoning, is a better word. It's an amazing show. Like old-school X-Files but with more snark and hotter guys (but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for David Duchovny). But it's the dynamic and loyalty between the two brothers that really makes this show amazing.

Did you know that this is one of my favorite book quotes ever? And it got the Zen Pencils treatment! And reading some more of Carl Sagan's quotes (like this one), I've decided he is awesome. Contact is one of my favorite movies.

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