Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Background Players

Some people are meant to change the world. Others are meant to do simple things, quiet things. If a man puts his own life in danger to save any number of people, he is a hero. But what about his mother--a woman who lived a quiet, conventional life--who calmed his hurts and held him close, wishing him sweet dreams and love every night before bed? What about his father--a man who lived a quiet, conventional life--who taught him what it was to be brave, to kill the majestic deer even when it pained him to do so, so that his family may be fed during the winter? Without those things, the hero would not have grown to be the man he is, willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. 

The people who change the world are strong. The people who do quiet things, give hugs of safety and kisses good night, are also strong. The world needs both, to function. The heroes, and the quiet heroes.

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