Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random Stuff

Go from 2k to 10k words a day. The biggest thing I need to try is getting excited about my work every time I sit down to write, and if I'm not excited, TRASH IT and figure out how to make it better. I'm very guilty of slogging through scenes just to get them done.

Nova Ren Suma's blog. I don't know why I haven't mentioned this before. I've been following her blog for a while now, but I'd never linked to it on the side. A fantastic blog with lots of author interviews. (I found the first link on her blog.)

I've realized POV doesn't matter in the first draft. Write one character in third, one character in first; this paragraph in first and the rest in second person cinematic, for fuck's sake. Do whatever is most comfortable for that very moment you are writing. Figure out later what the final decision will be. I want to stay passionate about my story. To tell it only for me. The past few days have been very dry, with dry characters and dry writing. Well, if your characters suck no one is going to give two shits about the story. Changing the perspective from third person to first helped immediately. Oddly, it's still easier to write the male characters in third person. Perhaps because I'm not a dude in real life.

Floundering about in writing and real life is affecting my reading. I can't stick with anything past the first or second chapter. Epic fantasies or sci-fi's require too much concentration, but on the other end of the spectrum teen books are starting to bug me. I can only handle so much emo. I should start rereading again. I would read Feed over, but I only have it in audiobook, and that's not what I want. OH DARN, I have to go to the bookstore.

Something heart-wrenching and beautiful.

I finally have all three shirts in the Unstealthiest Ninja series! They are just too awesome. Woot currently has a Pirates vs. Ninjas sale where they brought them all back. They make me laugh. Go buy them, so DoOomcat will make more.

And now, back to writing people. Write because there's no way you could live without writing. I leave you with some quotes:

I had always wanted to be a writer, but was impeded by the belief that to be a writer one had to be extraordinary, and I knew I wasn't. By the time I was ready to give up my academic career I had realized that whilst books were extraordinary, writers themselves are no more or less special than anyone else. - Diane Setterfield

I love to write because I love to read. And I love the idea of creating stories that people enjoy. To invent the stories that people take to their hearts is, I think, one of the most wonderful things one can do. - Avi

Pretend to be someone who can do it. - Neil Gaiman

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