Saturday, April 28, 2012

RSURS Read-along: Week 1

And it's starting! I'm on time! Ok: business. This week's discussion is hosted by Bryce over at My Awful Reviews, so be sure to visit and add your link to the list at Little Red Reviewer. And then join in the conversation! That is, after all, why the internet was created. That, and porn. Obviously, if you haven't read the book, you need to! Discussion after the jump.

I should note, I haven't read the book before, and I am only reading as far as the current week's discussion. So I have no idea what's going to happen!

So, the Sinspire. First of all, of course they can do it. Otherwise there wouldn't be a book three. And yet I still find myself on the edge of my seat at the end of the books... I'm sure they're also going to find a way to dick over all the Evils as they do it too. As to how I think they're going to do it? No idea. I haven't read the book yet. If Lynch has already hinted at it, that's pretty freaking brilliant. But I don't think we (as the reader) know enough about the Sinspire to suss it out for ourselves. It was brilliant when Locke was explaining how he's been cheating at the table games. I would have never saw that coming! But of course it was all brilliant. And I love how the characters always inform the mark that they are a mark! Talk about a way to make everything tense! It's like Lynch routinely sits down, "Ok, here's the ploy, now what's the worst that can happen? They get found out." So he has them tattle on themselves to remove that risk, and just deals with it from there. Brilliant writing!

And yeeessss, I do miss the other Bastards. The banter between Locke and Jean is good, but there's still something lacking. There is a lot more along the way of description. Which can I mention, I was actually bored while reading the description of Locke and Jean in the Archon's mansion. I am guilty of skipping ahead to when their pulled out of the swelter-room, and I never do that. And ooooo! I hate the Archon so much already! I really hope Locke and Jean find a way to swindle him. I'm sure they will.

Jean training the other thieves was very good. He is a very awesome character. Tough as nails, and yet caring and loyal. And badass, we can't forget that! And while I was sad to see Locke acting the way he was, I think it is realistic. He had it good for a very long time, and then everything suddenly crashed and burned around him. As the leader of the Gentleman Bastards, I can see why he thought it was all his fault. I think the Bastards will get more people in the group, but I don't think we'll see the training. They'll just suddenly be part of the group (maybe in the third book) and already aware of their roles. But it was good to see Jean in a leadership position.

I really want to know what happened to Sabetha! I don't think her and Locke broke up, because even if Locke was the one getting dumped, he wouldn't be pining for her. He would hate her out of spite. Something happened to split them up, and they weren't happy about it. Chains mentioned something about it being necessary in the last book, I wonder if one of her marks found out she was a con man. Possibly some sexual harassment involved? I can't see her leaving just because she got in a little trouble, look at the royal messes Locke has got himself into. But we shall see...

Of course there is slow acting poison involved. I almost feel that was a cheap trick, but on the other hand I am completely roped in, so the trick worked. I really want to know what the effects of the poison are. And I think the Black Alchemists are going to be able to help them, and it will be turned on the Archon at the last minute. I kindof think the "poison" is only a cover for the Archon's use of Bondsmagi (he already admitted to them as a neccessary evil) and I think Jean will be affected but Locke will not, on account of their names. I have no idea what the Archon has in store for them, but I have a feeling it's petty and along the lines of "I want more power, get it for me, my lackeys."

I finished reading this section a few days ago, and I can't believe how hard it was to remember details already... The next reading is the Reminiscence “The Lady of the Glass Pylon” through end the of Chapter Six.

A Book Rec!!! If you like the cursing and creative language in Locke Lamora, you have to check out Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig. It just came out this past Tuesday, and the language is so creative and hilarious and horrifying! You'll definitely like it if you liked LL.


  1. Like you I appreciated the reality behind Locke's self-pity and poor behaviour - he had a great set-up and loyal friends like some fantasy that everybody dreams about and then it's all taken away. Thankfully Jean was their to kick hi out of his negative ways. I also loved the way that Locke explained the way he cheats at cards - it just reinforces his skills as a conman and trickster. He's on another level!

  2. It will be interesting to follow these connections between the GBs, the Archon and the Bondsmagi. The rivalry between these last ones might just save Locke and Jean's necks in the end.

  3. that's how you know it's good writing. use a trope like slow acting poison (could be a bluff!!), and we are roped in, still begging for more.

    arrghh, the Archon is such a dick! i wish I could remember if he gets killed at the end! and wasn't that waterfall thing awesome? talk about an unbreakable vault!

    So much going already in this book, and we're barely 150 pages in. I've got to wonder what other kinds of twists and turns are coming?

  4. I was thinking the same thing about Jean being again influenced by the Bondsmagi and I instantly thought the prologue was where we saw it happen (of course, there could be another reason for the prologue scene).
    I found it interesting how in the document the Bondsmagi sent to Archon, the fact that Locke Lamora is not his actual name is stressed - so he at least has some control over what they can do to him.
    I sincerely hope they (Jean and Locke) hurt the Bondsmagi in some way - I hate the fact the magi have so much control over people and are such f... egotistical bastards.
    OMG, the swearing has rubbed off on me!

    1. Agh, I completely forgot about the prologue! How the hell is that going to happen? I didn't even think about the Bondsmagi affecting Jean for that. That would be freaky. I hope Locke fucks them all.

  5. I'm glad Scott showed us the weaker side of Locke. I think this is a very much needed scene to show us that Locke is human and he hurts like the rest of us. I'm glad he's recovered and now back to his old ways.

  6. I think we needed to see the weaker side of Locke. It would have been very unrealistic for him not to be affected in some way and not to mention it gave us the opportunity to see Jean bring Locke out of his misery with the lock picking scene!
    Lynn :D