Friday, March 16, 2012


I needed to share, here's a really great interview with Patrick Rothfuss at the Denver Post. Then again, all of his interviews are great because he's a really great speaker. And he curses like a dream, so with his uber-proper Midwesterner/English professor accent that's always really funny. And did I mention I started reading NW again? Yeah, last night. Not from the beginning, but from a random place in the middle. One of the really great parts about rereading books.

Update 10:42 am: The Bossman is back today after a trip to Bolivia. He said the food was awful and miserable but he got to see Machu Pichu, which was amazing. He ended up seeing some friends by coincidence: they are taking a scenic tour around the world before moving to Sydney, and were in Bolivia to hike the Inca trail. (Amazing!) Here's the link to their travelogue:

Which reminds me, I never posted pictures from our hike last weekend! We did the Yost Run section of the Chuck Keiper Trail, and it was amazing and beautiful. The original plan was to stay in State College Friday and visit with people from college, hike Saturday, and then drive to Williamsport to be touristy and visit the Bullfrog Brewery. Turns out, we were at Penn State during spring break, so the town was empty. We ended up staying in State College for both nights as well, and hung out at Zeno's. Good beer, live music, and epic chicken fingers and fries. *happy* I ended up ordering this book from paperbackswap as soon as we got home because our hike was featured in it, and we'd like to do others in the area. It hasn't been accepted yet though... hoping I can get it!
Phil and I. We were all bundled up, but it was the perfect temperature for hiking. Mid 40s. Able to warm up and cool off quickly.

One of the many waterfalls along the hike. It was beautiful. Cold enough that there were icicles everywhere. I want to go back in the fall to see all the colorful foliage.

Update 11:26 am: This is also my hell: Near-Miss Asteroid Will Return Next Year, Even Closer

On a happier note, I really wanted this shirt to print from this week's WootShirt derby: The seven sigils of the seven houses from Game of Thrones.

Update 12:31 pm: A good revision technique. Listen to this episode of Writing Excuses where they explain all the reasons The Dark Knight was such an amazing movie. (For another Dark knight podcast, listen to Lou Anders in The Hollywood Formula.) Then go through your dialogue, and take everything up a notch. it must say the same thing, bring the reader to the same conclusions, and end up in the same place as before, but make it BETTER.

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