Thursday, March 29, 2012

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I just started reading The Lies of Locke Lamora on Monday. Yesterday, I discovered this read-along. It looks like all kinds of bitch-nasty awesome, plus the author has been pitching in background stuff that's always interesting. Click the link for reading schedule, links to the other posts, links to the author's posts, AND the other blog that are part of the read along.

Since it's already week 4 of 5, I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm am going to repost some of the information here, but please be aware that this brilliance is NOT my brilliance, and I am bowing down to the geniuses of Little Red Reviewer, Dark Cargo, SF Signal, and My Awful Reviews. Also, Scott Lynch, because he wrote the damn thing.

It is going to take a mighty bout of link-clicking to get caught up on everything, and I don't want to do too much of that until I have read more. I don't want any spoilers! I discovered this read-along when I was bored and looking for more book review sites, and found Little Red Reviewer. She reads the same kind of stuff I do! LRR is also madly in love with The Name of the Wind, so we can be friends. I'm excited for Locke Lamora!

Find all of my posts with the LLL read along tag.

Reading Schedule:
Week 1 Read prologue thru end of Interlude called “Locke Stays for Dinner”. Discussion questions go out on March 8, posts go up on Saturday March 10. - Wk 1 discussion
- My post
Week 2 Read Chapter three thru end of Interlude called “The Boy who Cried for a Corpse.” Discussion questions go out on March 15, posts go up on Saturday March 17. - Wk 2 discussion
- My post
Week 3 Read Chapter five thru end of Interlude called “The Half Crown War”. Discussion questions go out on March 22, posts go up on Saturday March 24. - Wk 3 discussion
- My post

Week 4 Read Chapter nine thru Interlude called “Orchids and Assassins”. Discussion questions go out March 29, posts go up on March 31. - Wk 4 discussion
- My post

Week 5 Read chapter 14 thru end of the book. Discussion questions go out April 5th, posts go up April 7th. - Wk 5 discussion
- My post

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