Saturday, February 18, 2012

Live Blog 2/18

12:58 I'm going to try this live blogging thing. I always like reading other people's, so here I go! I have an apartment to myself, so I'm turning off Harry Potter for a bit to get some writing done. My goal: 1k by 1:00!

1:16 374 words. Taking a brainstorming break and painting my nails. Actually, phone is ringing. Getting that first.

1:22 Nails are painted, back to work. I usually paint my nails while writing because I can type without messing them up. I'm slightly obsessed with nail polish. My sister gave me a few colors in this quick dry brand, and not only are they nice colors (and quick to dry) but they go one super thick so you only need one coat. Okay, now I'm procrastinating. BACK TO WORK!

1:58 I did pretty well! Made it to 18k in my manuscript, which means I wrote 1412 words in an hour. I've been doing that lately, instead of my usual wrist-slitting and bleeding out on the keyboard for three hours to get that far. And now, time for a nap, methinks. =]

I wouldn't be surprised if this is as far as my liveblogging goes, but if I'm writing again later I'll be back on!

5:40 Time for more writing! I finished Harry Potter 7 and watched half of Harry Potter 3, and finished sewing all my A blocks. I'm bored, I don't feel like going out because I'm apartment-sitting and it's far away from everything and it's been a sweatpants and t-shirt kind of day. Going to write some more. Goal: hit 19k by 6:30 (1000 words in 50 minutes). Go!

6:39 Ok, so around 6:25 I started browsing the internet and got distracted. I was distracted most of the time, and did most of the writing at the end. I have 175 words left; I'm going to finish them now.

6:46 Alrighty: finished! Manuscript is at 19,048, which means I wrote 2426 words today! And now I'm off to do other things. Later!

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