Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Writing Update

I FINISHED MY OUTLINE!!!!!! It's just... so awesome. It's my first time, too. I'm no longer an outline virgin! I have always either abandoned an outline or abandoned a manuscript partway. This has a WHOLE STORY. My plot-block is broken! Can I say it again? IT'S SO AWESOME.

And now, for a little bit of this:
When writing a first draft, write with abandon. Write fast. Put your head down and charge. I write with an outline because it makes it less likely that I’ll get stuck. But even while writing the outline, I’m just trying to get to the other side. If I get bogged down, I move on to the next thing. Then I go back again and again, filling in the blanks. I move quickly because it helps me to outrun the voice in my head, the voice of doubt and judgment and nitpickery.
-Leigh Bardugo

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