Monday, January 23, 2012


So, what has Gina been doing lately? It seems like nothing, and too much. I was running around all last week, and boy is my room a mess. (Laundry, I hate you!) This post is everything you could possibly want to know, minus the juicy bits. I'm trying to make up all my blog homework from the past two weeks, so I apologise for the lack of lyrical beauty and thought-provoky-ness.

Knittingwise, I finished my first fingerless mitt! But the bad thing about doing gloves is that as soon as you finish one you have to make another. That's okay though, I really like the pattern. Need to make the thumb bigger on the next one, so I am going to add two stitches (for 15) to the thumb gusset. Also, I successfully knitted a whole 30 stitches on circular needles! Yay me! The gloves are supposed to be completely on circular needles, but I must have spent 6 hours over two days trying and ripping them apart until I finally settled for back-and-forth knitting and whip-stitching the sides together. The first one turned out well, I think, especially for being my first patterned project.

Quiltingwise, I really need to get some work done. The knot block is half assembled. It's a lot of straight sewing, and get's kind of boring. I joined a Saturday Sampler class at a local shop (Pennington Quilt Works), so I'm excited for that, too. That starts February 11, and what you do is you show up and pay $30, and they give you fabric and the first block pattern. If you finish the block, the next month when you come in you get the next pattern and fabric for free, and after a year you have twelve different block and learned  twelve different methods, so you can sew them together for a sampler quilt. And no, I still haven't finished the binding on my Daughter of Smoke and Bone quilt. It's been sitting in Phil's room, with only two feet done. =/ Those two feet took me soooo long, and the quilt is 6x7-ish, so that's a ton of horrendous whip-stitching. Also, Amy (quilt-teacher extraordinaire, as well as Phil's mom) convinced my mom to start quilting, so that'll be a lot of fun!

Readingwise, I finished up Dawnthief by James Barclay last week, and it was very good but didn't quite reach the ZOMGAWESOME threshold. I didn't write a review because I just didn't feel like it. I had very few complaints. Actually, just one. More dialogue tags would have been useful. Otherwise, loved the characters, and I'm eager to read the second one. I'm now reading Archon by Sabrina Benulis, which I was SO excited for, and it's extremely well-written and the world is intriguing, but she has a problem with keeping track of her characters and her scenes, and angels and demons are possessing people and I can never keep track of who is possessed and by who and who is themself (a word?)... It's frustrating, and doesn't lend itself well to reading in ten-page spurts. This makes me sad, because the prose is lyrical and the world is fascinating, but I am SO LOST. I'm reading the words but not absorbing anything, or I find myself daydreaming and reading the same paragraph over and over.

Moviewise, I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo again (that makes four!) and it was still so good. I may be able to hold off until it comes out on DVD now. Rooney Mara does such a good job. An interesting note, I watched a few interviews with her, and she sounds like a fruitcake when she is being herself. And not in a good way, but an airhead way. I wanted to go see Haywire as well, but we never made it. Maybe next weekend. Also watched Devil's Double and Crazy Stupid Love through Amazon. DD didn't go to the depth I thought it would, and CSL was cute. I love how all the characters were related to each other in unexpected ways.

Ok, I'm bored talking. Maybe I'll do Writingwise and Regarding the Junk-Heap That is My Bedroom: Director's Cut another time.

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