Friday, January 20, 2012

Outside the Cubicle

So, I was one of the lucky chosen to write about myself in the "Outside the Cubicle" column in our office newsletter. It's really hard to talk about myself, especially in the third person, but I actually kind of like what I came up with. Since the newsletter is extraordinarily dry (there used to be a funny column, but it wasn't relevant to work so it was nixed) I tried to lighten it up. Behold, the first entry into the Published Works of Gina Rinelli:

Gina was a science kid for most of school until she realized she didn't want to stare at petri dishes for the rest of her life, and so became an English major her junior year of college. She played softball for several years and sold her soul to play clarinet in the marching band, but has yet to get it back. At Penn State, she did ballroom dancing and pretty much forgot everything in the meantime, even though it was a lot of fun. Lately, she's been moonlighting as a ninja.

Gina doesn't know how to sit still. She collects hobbies, which at any given time may include quilting, knitting, bookbinding, sewing, or other ridiculous art projects that never get finished (but never drawing, because she can't). Most of the time she is reading or writing, and since she's a supernerd those are always science fiction or fantasy. Far too much of her paycheck is funneled via IV into the Barnes and Noble Support System, and if you give her a chance she can talk about books all day long.

She has an addiction to the movie theater and goes almost every weekend, but always smuggles in her own snacks, including (but not limited to) Chipotle, Chinese food, and/or ice cream. Netflix Instant Streaming is probably one of the coolest things ever created, next to antibiotics and modern medicine (she's a fan).

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