Monday, November 14, 2011

Nano Update #3

I went to my first write-in! And I was pretty close to chickening out but it was super cool. The people hosting it were really nice and it was awesome to meet quirky people who liked writing and were actually cool, unlike the snobs I had to deal with in my classes. It was four hours long and I was a little worried about being able to write that long, but let's be serious we were geeking out about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings most of the time and then we would have a 15 minute word war and I would write more in those 15 minutes than I can usually get in an hour or two. These were my totals:
  1. Word War 1 = 489
  2. Word War 2 = 514
  3. Word War 3 = 597
  4. Word War 4 = 477
I got better and better each time, except for the last one where 1) I was starting to get tired, and 2) I was in a big section of dialogue and the formatting slowed me down.

And once again, OpenOffice was telling me one thing for word counts (11,187) but now that I'm on a different PC MS Word is telling me something else (10,938). This is soooo annoying! I know it's because I'm switching between different programs while I'm writing, but come on now, people, a word is a word! And that's a huge difference! But I'm going to go with what I had written down at the write-in, the 11,187. (Although I just cut and pasted the text into Notepad and back into the doc to strip the formatting and it still reads 10,938...)

Well anyway, I wrote 2610 words! That's a NEW personal best! (Twice in one week!) And those word wars really do work miracles, there's just something about wanting to get words down on the page because everyone else around you is doing the same thing that just makes you word-vomit into your keyboard. Pretty awesome! I'm going to say I'm 11k in so far until I can sort out the word count issues, which is all kinds of fun.

What I'm reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (again)

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