Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNo Update #1

I had a post-op appointment today so I only worked a half day from home, leaving the afternoon wide and clear for writing and beering and eating!! (What a good day.) I'm sitting in a local bar right now, Isaac Newton's, feeling appropriately emo as I sit here with my computer and cheeseburger-to-die-for and Southern Tier Pumpking. I'm also mooching off someone's internet, which is even better. =] I wrote 450 words before I dug into my cheesburger, and it's been a good day. It's a lot more crowded than I thought (or hoped) it would be, but that's okay.

Anyway, some updates:
Three days into NaNoWriMo (I'm counting Monday 10/31, because an extra day can only help and mentally I like the starting-the-week-on-a-Monday thing) and I've written 2700 words. Pretty close to my goal of 3000. I want to use today to really catch up on word count and go 4000 and beyond. I do have quilting tonight and it's the awful Take-out Thrusday, but I'll make it happen. I could so totally get into this working from home thing... if only!

The coolest thing about this story is that I'm just writing. As in, not thinking about writing, or worrying about moving the plot, or making sure the characters are coming across well. It's a shitty book and hopefully my first completed book and I'm writing only to get the goal of the wordcount. I have the scene in my mind, and I work my way through it. It's really hard to explain, but there's no stress about writing this book, and it's making it easier. Write now, cut the shit later. Even if it's 80% of noodling and finding out the characters, that's fine. And having a deadline is helping. Not just saying "this much on this day," but having it engrained in my mind "I have a month to write this thing." It's because it's November. Everyone else is doing NaNoWriMo, striving to reach their goal by the end of the month, and even though I'm not officially signed up I'm doing the same. It feels good. I've sat down each night and written something, even if it wasn't a lot after what I got over train/lunch/train. But even sitting down for a half hour has led to a hundred words at least, and it all makes a difference!

Sorry folks, but I'm feeling mighty proud of myself these three days into NaNo. Here's my word count so far:
10/31     700
11/1      665
11/2      1351
That's with an official goal of 1000 words a day, and an unofficial goal of 1200 words a day to give me a day or so off on the weekends. And I know, 700 and 665 are not very high, but I'm still really proud of myself all the same so I'm going to swim in it and you can suck it up. =] (We may have reached the point where the beer is talking. I'm okay with that.) My cheeseburger with the mysterious pink sauce is delicious and the bartender keeps calling me by first name, which is a little weird but of course he knows it because I gave my credit card for the tab. And I've avoided getting pink sauce on my computer! Yay!

Still reading A Matter of Blood, little by little. It's really good. I don't really know how I can describe it other then the people are seriously fucked up and awesome. I'm in the beginning of the second third of the book, so everything is rolling but the "Holy fuck" moment hasn't happened yet. And did I mention how I love the people? I hope my characters are as good as that. I'm sure they aren't, but it's a goal.

I have The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms up next, but I can't stop thinking about The Name of the Wind. I really love that book. I gave it to a friend and he loved it too, which makes me happy. Good books for all! I'll probably end up reading it again before the end of the year, and just today I realized Jo Walton is doing one of her blog series on The Wise Man's Fear reread, which is the second one and I have to read that from the beginning. I really love Jo Walton, ever since I read her Among Others, which I highly recommened. That one may earn itself a reread, too. Actually, I just decided I'm going to do a Rereads edition of Irrespresible Library, because I don't rereads books most of the time, but there are a couple that are worth it and that I've been thinking of for a while.

Alright, peace out. Cheeseburger time.

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