Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My NaNoWriMo story

With a bunch of goading (and some beer) I spilled the beans about what my story is about. I wasn't trying to keep it secret, but it's weird talking about it when it's not done yet, and I have a track record of not finishing. I phrased it really well last night, too. It won't sound as good this morning. But I think it will be good to have a synopsis, so here it is in it's unedited and virgin form...


Daisy's parents are archaeologists, and she travels the world with them to their locations and attends international schools by day and helps them out at night. But it's her senior year of high school, and she wants to stay in one place. No more moving every four months, no more "temporary friends." Plus, it'll be great practice for college when she has to stay in one place for four years. She goes to her aunt and uncle's house in upstate New York and attends the public school there.

But public school isn't what she expected, and it's hard. She goes to the lake deep in the woods behind the house and plays her violin there, in the solace and quiet of the woods. She thought she was through with independence, but turns out she still needs to get away from the crowds, a little bit of solo-time playing her violin to keep her sanity.

But there are creatures in the lake, and they want her music.

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