Monday, November 7, 2011

Irrepressible Library: Rereads Edition

I finally tackled my bookshelves! They've been accumulating books and papers and movies I grabbed from downstairs that aren't supposed to live on my bookshelves and I've been meaning to clean them for a long time. I have two bookshelves in my room, a tall wooden one that I LOVE and a short white one that I've had since I was a kid, and my brother used it for a while too before he bought a big one and this one ended up back in my room. Not complaining! I packed up two (smallish, but not really) boxes of books for the basement, and I have lots of room on the tall bookshelf (which has now been relegated to fiction) and no space (still) on the white bookshelf, which is nonfiction on the bottom and writing binders/WIPs/books on the top. If I'm feeling responsible later I'll post some pictures!

I'm still reading A Matter of Blood, but it's going to go much slower now because I'm focusing on writing for November. I plan to write on the train each way and a bit more at home (especially if I haven't reached my word count for the day) so reading won't happen until I'm all tucked into bed and cozy, which will give me approximately seven minutes to read until I fall asleep. I plan to finish AMoB, but after that I want to start rereading books. They've been piling up, and I need to give my Read pile a bit of attention. Plus, I've been trying to slow down on my book buying (and most of what I want is only in hardcover, which I try to avoid), so my TBR pile is mighty small. (That is, TBR of those I already own.)

 I really never do that, unless it is really really good. Sometimes if the second book is coming out in a series I'll read the first one. In both of these instances, I'm talking about The Name of the Wind. I can't help myself. I think it's reached Favorite Book of All Time status. I have a mass market, trade paper, and e-book versions. =] Oh Patrick Rothfuss, let me count the ways. I'll probably read this next. And also The Wise Man's Fear. Not as good as the first one, but still deserving of another read. I have this in hardcover and e-book, and will buy it when it's out in mass market also, but that's my favorite format. I CAN'T WAIT for the third book! I doubt there's even a date set yet, but I'm okay with that. Rothfuss can take as long as he needs, as long as it's before he and I both die. This is a series I'll probably read for the rest of my life.

The Warded Man and The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett. This is another great series. Again, the first one is better, but the second does not deserve to be shunned for a reread. Arlen is bad-ass and a must-read if you want to write heroic characters: he doesn't put up with anyone's shit. The setting is a unique take on the classic fantasy epic.

I really loved Among Others by Jo Walton. This is the teen book I could always read and not get sick of. (It's marketed for adults, which is probably why. None of the whiny emo-bullshit. Also, like Warded Man, a case of the only clear-thinker in a society.) I don't own this book, sadly, I'd read a library copy. I want to buy it though, once it's paperback/mass market. The best part about this book is the quiet magic system. You don't notice it at first, but then you realize it's driving the whole novel. It's epistolary, but it works oh so well.

Dune by Frank Herbert and the Revelation Space trilogy by Alastair Reynolds were the first sci-fi books I ever read, way back in the days of high school. (Dude, it's been FIVE YEARS. Wow.) I've been wanting to read both of these for a long time now. For the most part Dune went over my head, and I thought Revelation Space was just awesome. And I liked that Reynolds was an astrophysicist, which I eventually went to college for. I read a lot of mainstream middle grade and YA books, but when I started browsing the adults sections it was always sci-fi and fantasy. (So proud of myself!) I read a lot of Drizzt books in high school, too.

Ok, so The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson isn't a reread, but it comes out TOMORROW! I loved his Mistborn series, better than everything else he's written. (Elantris sucked, didn't read Warbreaker, and gave up on Way of Kings. I'll give it another chance when he's done being Robert Jordan.) Anyway, I'm pretty excited. And did you know you can read the Prologue through Chapter 6 for FREE? Check out Tor's website, and you can also download it for Nook at BN.

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