Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey there sexy, have some updates

So while the rest of the American world was enjoying their Thanksgiving wonderfulness, I was sick. =[ Yeah, it kinda sucked. Especially because I was messing up everyone else's plans, and not just my own. And I didn't get to stuff myself stupid with turkey. But Phil was really awesome and gave me some of my Christmas presents early, which included two t-shirts from Woot and a book I wanted!

There are lots of things going on in book-brain right now. I'm still enjoying the "Shopping from the Bookshelf" method, and aside from The Emperor of all Maladies Phil gave me over the weekend (which is new) I started Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke last night. I only got a few pages into it but I think I'm going to stick with it. But of course, it's a huge hardcover, so when I was getting ready this morning I grabbed my paperback of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, but was completely not interested in it. So I don't have anything to read on the train ride home (But you need to WRITE, Gina! WRITE on the train! DON'T read!) I want to read it eventually, but much more interested in JSMN. I'll listen to Deadline on the way home instead, which is really good. (Ginayou'reahorriblepersonyouneedtoWRIIIIIITE.)

As far as writing goes, I've been sick since Wednesday, and I haven't written anything since Wednesday. Awesome. I'm currently at 17.6k. I'm not even that upset about it, because the instant I start forcing myself to write when I'm sick it becomes the kind of work that isn't fun. And I want to keep writing fun. The hard part is getting back into the groove, of course. Actually, I need to stop thinking about wordcounts as a groove. I wrote so much this day, and so much this day. The fact that there was a week in between those two days is purely a mental block that I have to get over. As far as my story is concerned, I just took a really long time to finish that sentence. And once I do finish it, no one will know the difference. I need to pick up where I left off, start writing today like I start writing every other day, and read a few paragraphs back and then start typing when I get to the end.

Among other things, there is so much to do at home! The mountainous pile of laundry is still sitting there, and things like my dresser and desk just need to be cleaned off so the things that are supposed to go there actually can go there. Amazing how little it takes to mess the whole room up. And I still have to get my sewing machine working, I need to sew together two big pieces of fabric together for the backing of my blue quilt so I can quilt it Friday morning! Yay! My first fully completed quilt! (Almost.) LIFE IS SO BUSY.

Also, a rather large tidbit for you to absorb into your sponge-brain. 50 Thoughts on Writing by Seanan McGuire, in a handy list and expanded into a series of essays. I'll be reading this one for a while. Also, you should read Seanan McGuire. Specifically, you should read Feed and Deadline by Mira Grant, because they are the same person, and they are awesome.

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