Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's like having two boyfriends, but without all the sex.

I currently have two projects going on. Red Sun in Evening, and Malevolent Soul.

I was inspired to start Red Sun in Evening because I read the synopsis of Retribution Falls, thought "Wow this reminds me of Firefly." Then "I loved Firefly." Then all these scenes were flashing through my head and I had all this inspiration and I immediately started working on a story, and it was all exactly like Retribution Falls.

But that's ok. The point was to finish something. Except nothing is quick because it all turns into a novel. And I told myself I can't read Retribution Falls until I finish or give up on my story. I don't want to give up on Red Sun, but I really want to read Retribution Falls. I have to weigh my options. On one hand, Red Sun only existed as a way to distract me from working on Malevolent Soul, a story that was actually original and I had only lost faith in it because I couldn't face working on a second draft, and doing everything over from the beginning. Red Sun was never my story.

I don't know if I have a really short attention span and maybe having two stories going simultaneously will help me or hurt me. I know this is just a ploy to take the easy way out and AGAIN not write anything. I'm still working on that part. I'm still trying to figure out the right balance of outlining and pantsing. I wonder if having a setting outlined will help, one that I can just fall into and not have to think about, then it will be easier for my characters to flow. Plus, I still like Malevolent Soul. And yes, moving to the second draft makes it a much better story. There is actually setting in the second draft. And I cleared up Bernie's schizophrenic-ness, so maybe she will actually make sense. And her job fits her much better. Will the homeless orphan turned doctor is a great success story, it's not one I want to try to make work.

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