Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knock on wood

For the past TWO days now, I consistently sat down and wrote! Yay! Feel free to roll your eyes at the two days. My goal is 500 words a day, spurred mainly by this quote:

Schedule Your Time...
" writing five hundred words a day. In four months you’ll have a finished first draft."
-Sarah Mlynowski author of Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have)
From inkpop

And I've also been using this method from Devon Monk. I just wanted to try it as an experiment, but I like how it helps. When I first start writing, it's just a hassle to mark down my wordcount and pull out the calculator because I don't want to switch out of writing-brain and into math-brain. But it's when I get to halfway, or even before, and I start thinking of all the other things I have to do that it really helps. "Oh, well I've got this far, I only have that much to do, I might as well keep going." And you know, sometimes it really sucks to drag myself through a word count, but both nights so far I've written more than my 500 words because I worked through the swamp, and was well into a groove when I finally passed the mark.

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