Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Irrepressible Library, and all the updates I didn't talk about in the past week.

Don't you all like how my Tuesday feature flopped on it's very first week? And then the second? Not on purpose, I assure you, yesterday I started working on the post and it kept turning into a whining pile of poo because I wasn't feeling well. I think it had something to do with the cheese-alicious wawa-version of the Philly cheesesteak with extra pepperoni and artery-clogging deliciousness that I ate. That's ok, it was so worth it.

So let's see, I'm still reading Retribution Falls. it's really good so far, even if it does have too many characters. It's not that the characters are bad, but the author keeps adding in all this history and backstory in the middle of the scene, so things can get jumpy going from one thing to the present to his memories, etc. It's confusing, and sometimes I don't care. It's interesting for the members of his crew because we know they all have secrets and it's nice to finally find out what some of those secrets are, but for all the other women that show up and they ALL have a history with the captain where he almost married them but chickened out and now they want to see him dead.... yeah. I don't care. After the first one, it's old. And seriously, how many people does he have to almost-marry before you realize that this doesn't have to be included in the book?

But other than the abundance of angry women, this is a fun book. The crew is getting in trouble and getting themselves out of it (sometimes), and it's a whole lot of fun. I said before that it started out like Firefly, and now I can confirm that yes, it is just like Firefly, and no, that doesn't bother me. Firefly was awesome. Retribution Falls is pretty awesome itself.

As of yesterday, I pretty much scrapped the entire TBR list I made last week. The Shadow of the Soul review appeared on EBR,  and it reminded me that I went completely out of my way to order the first book, A Matter of Blood, before it was released in the United States, and I was so excited for it and why the hell haven't I read it yet. So, A Matter of Blood is next. It's supposed to be awesome, but only if you have a strong stomach, which I DO, along with the sadistic need for blood and gore that is (thankfully) missing from my real life. This is not one of those books to include in the spacecraft that's blasted off in the search for intelligent life. And I can't wait to read it.

In writing news, I haven't been. I don't know if it's because I'm on a reading surge or because I'm working on a quilt, but either way it's all just excuses. I've written 600 words over the past week. At this rate, I should finish my first novel by the time I'm retired.

In quilting news, it's so exciting! I have the fabric all washed and ironed and cut into the 12 inch squares, and I finally have the pattern and the freezer paper, so yay! I know I'll work on it all night tonight, which is not really a good thing because a) if I finish it I won't have anything to do over the next two days while I'm off from work and desperately looking for something to do that doesn't require talking, and b) no writing for me. Of course, WRITING doesn't involve talking, but of course that doesn't count. o_O

In lunch related news: Avocadoes! Love em. And TWO. *happy*

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