Monday, October 3, 2011

The Ending of Feed

I guess I spoke to soon, because the last hour was as action packed as the beginning. It was good, and fitting, and satisfactory. And I already started the second book. It's funny, because Feed had a sample chapter at the end of the next book in the series, and it was originally going to be called Blackout. I wonder if Connie Willis's book (that came out about three months prior) had anything to do with that. Personally, I would have liked to see two books with the same name nominated for the Hugo. =]

Also, it's pretty bad when I can get two solid hours of listening time in from the time I log out of my computer to when I walk in my front door. Pathetic, actually. And people wonder why I don't want to go into the city on my days off.

It's so tempting to start Retribution Falls now that I'm finishing up God's War. Not only have i not actually finished God's War, I told myself I'm not going to start RF until I finish the first draft of the story I'm working on. Because I need to finish something. It's not my fault I got all inspired when I read the synopsis, OK? And I realize it is horrendously derivative, I don't care. Again, the goal is to finish something.

On an unrelated note, Dexter started yesterday, and we didn't watch it because of the Phillies game! I imagine that happened with a lot of people. Because everyone likes the Phillies. It's recorded, but being in a house on the other side of town I have no idea when we'll get to it. And the NEXT WEEK the Walking Dead starts! I'm super excited for that. If you haven't seen the trailer they aired at San Diego Comic Con you have to look it up and watch it. It was freaky as hell. And I'm kindof hoping the other cop dies because I'm sick of love triangles and this one is no different than all of YA right now. (I'm also sick of it in YA, which is why I haven't read any in a while.)

On another unrelated note (ok, so I had some wine at dinner), does it annoy any other writers that their notes are so messy and disorganized? Because it bothers me.

Alright. I need to write. And do my laundry. Peace out.

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