Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alright, I'm confused.

Evidently, triple rainbows are crazy rare.

I should say, tertiary rainbows are rare. Is there a difference? Because I KNOW I've seen three rainbows at the same time.

Freshman year of college, I had the best possible location for a dorm room. We were on the top floor, and right next to the elevators, which even though that may sound horrible, we could open our windows and our door and have a chillingly-fresh breeze fly on through. In the meantime, everyone else was sweating their balls off. I should also mention I went to Penn State Main Campus, the school with the crazy-ass fuckers obsessed with their football team.

But that's not important. Our dorm building was on the furthest edge of campus, so we looked out on all the sports fields, the stadium, the arena, and oh yeah, the gorgeous mountains. It was an awesome deal. One Sunday, I saw the best rainbows I've ever seen in my life. The first was so bright it looked like it was painted on, and the second was as bright as first rainbows are everywhere else. But still easily visible. And then above that, the faint outline of a third rainbow. Unmistakable. But it was there. I remember taking pictures and sending them home, but I'll have to look through them tonight and see if I can find one that shows the third rainbow. I'll post it if I do. It was very faint, but definitely there.

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