Monday, September 12, 2011


Why does it take so long to get words out on the page? And it's not a matter of typing, it's thinking and typing and putting things into proper sentences. I have the story outlined in my head, I can see all the details of the current and next scene or two, and yet the process of getting it down on the page can be so frustrating! It feels good to be writing again. Not just doing writing "things" but actually writing. I can't wait till the whole story is laid out and beautiful! I'm currently working on a little story-within-the-story, which is actually the history of my villain. If this book was actually getting published, it most likely wouldn't be included. But since it isn't, hell yeah it's going in! I wanted to shoot for about 10k with the mini story, but it's turning out much longer than that. My instincts tell me to keep writing and let it be however long it is, but I don't want to focus on it that long! =/ I'm eager to do the second draft of the main story, but I wanted to get this done first as a sort of warm-up. To have one story written from beginning to end, even if it is only 10k and only in the first draft, but still complete.

And, I need to start running again. I need some exercise, a good physical outlet. But for some reason running makes me all scatterbrained, and I don't have the attention to get any work done after a run. Maybe my warm-down isn't good enough? But I AM going running tonight because I HAVE to. And ideally I would also like to take some notes for draft two and cut some more fabric for my quilt. In a perfect world, right? I hope the quilt turns out as cool as it looks in my head. Red, orange, and yellow starbursts on a solid black background. I winged it. I was supposed to wait until this coming weekend to go to an awesome fabric store, but I was super bored and couldn't wait so I went to JoAnne's yesterday. I figure I'm still a beginner and don't know what awesome fabric is like, so belt them out on the cheap while I still can. =]

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  1. Glad to hear you're writing again! And there is no better way to truly get to know your characters than literal background stories. It may not be for the book, but it will help it immensely. Just let it flow.

    Good luck with your writing - and your running. And your quilt! XD