Thursday, September 8, 2011

It has returned!

And by "it" I mean "that spark that keeps me interested in my writing project." Duh. It's been nice, thinking about it again all this week. I'm currently working on the story-within-the-story part, which means some research on the Black Plague, which I've been interested in reading for a while now anyway. And it's just as interesting as I thought it would be. Will probably start writing again next week or this weekend. That'll be three weeks without any writing, two of those weeks without thinking about the book at all, but I'm super ready to jump back in again. I'll think of it as a summer vacation.

We went to Six Flags Great Adventure over the weekend (which was miserable) but we also got free admission into the safari and did that for the first time, which was AWESOME.
 There were a whole bunch of rhinos, and at one point they went charging across the street and it was really nerve-wracking for a few seconds. Rhinos are extremely territorial, and can destroy entire farms in a single night. There was a white car ahead of us and about five car lengths on empty road between us, and we seriously thought the rhinos were going to smash into the car. They ended up going right behind it. If I was in the white car I think I would have pissed myself.

The giraffes were super friendly. It was really annoying though, because the biggest rule of the place was NOT to roll down your windows, and so many people were doing it and sticking their hands out and waving... So annoying. I really would not have felt bad if one of them were bit. I may have cheered the giraffs on a little. This one giraffe was just standing in the road blocking traffic for twenty minutes, and the trainers drove right up to it with their trucks to try and scare it off the road (they didn't hit them, of course, and their trucks were painted like zebras!) but as soon as the truck pulled away it was right back in the middle. It was kind of funny. But while the one had traffic stopped others were just walking between the lines of traffic. It was awesome. And there were elephants! I love elephants.

I'm reading The Magician King right now. It's a bit boring, definitely not holding my attention as well as the first one did. But I'm sticking with it for now. Also listening to the audiobook of Blackout. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Don't get me wrong, it's great. But it's slow to start up, even though you can get a hint that something big is going to happen and the shit's gonna hit the fan. But the shit is currently sitting quietly in it's bucket, and I think it needs to get a move-on. It also suffers from white-room syndrome, but I'm attributing that to me spacing out at the wrong times during the audio than by any fault of the Hugo award-winning author and novel. Same for the transitions. All of a sudden the character is somewhere else and I have to figure out where and who it is and what's going on. Frustrating. But again, audiobook, I'm sure. I bought God's War by Kameron Hurley for National Buy a Book Day, and read the first chapter last night. Really like it. It may be replacing Magician King soon....

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