Monday, August 1, 2011

Back from vacation, and goal for August

Happy August! I am freshly returned from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where I spent time at a crazy-nice pool where people served you drinks and no one played Marco Polo, Dogfishhead Brewery, and a ridiculously nice house in a rich neighborhood that was like a foreign country, and zero time at the beach.

3 days, 27 beers, 500 dollars.
The guys had their sour tasting that they've been looking forward to for months. After months of searching out rare beers, they finally got to drink them. This would have been awesome except I really hate sours. Blegh. But split between four people, this actually amounts to not very much beer. The vacation was awesome except that we never made it to the beach and there was a power surge that knocked out the air conditioning and we didn't figure out how to fix it until the last day. (Just had to flip the breaker, go figure.) But I finally got to see Sucker Punch, which was awesome.

After five days of no reading and no writing, I'm really itching to get a workin'. (But of course now that I'm home all I can think about is cleaning my room.) So here's my plan: today I am going to take turns between writing and cleaning, to appease both sides. And for the month of August, I am going to NaNoWriMo it up!

I'm not going to follow the normal NaNoWriMo rules, because they are too extreme for me. I secretely have my own goals:
  1. Write every day
  2. Write 600 words a day
  3. Write 1000 words a day
I know getting 50k in a month is way too much for me, and 1000 in a day is probably too much. But I want to write SOMETHING every day. And by something I mean at least 100 words. Just enough to make sure I am thinking about it and making time every day. I need to get back in the swing of writing on the train, and I also want to start carving out time at night to write. If I only make the first goal, I'll still be happy. If I make the second goal, I'll be fucking amazed. Be my friend! I'm gmr0824 on the Camp NaNo site. I've never done a NaNo, so I'm still figuring out the site and specifics.

I'm also going to be working on two stories: Malevolent Soul, and Dreamless, which I just started brainstorming last week. Dreamless is my shameless magical-boarding-school knockoff. But I'm okay with that. The main writing will be on Malevolent Soul, but I think it will be nice to have a break every once in a while to work on something else.

Wish me luck! Time to write! (And time to clean...) Tomorrow, it's back to real life.

Oh yeah! I won a contest online! It was amazing. It involved me typing my name and e-mail. But I got a kickass set of hardcovers from Fantasy Cafe. The Relic Master series, by Catherinne Fisher. I highly recommend you check out the site. In addition to being a great review site, she holds lots of giveaways. Now don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of putting my name in the hat even when I'm not that interested in the books, but I'm actually really excited for these. Fisher is the author of Incarceron, which I wanted to read but never got around to it. Anyway, check out her blog, because it rocks.
Relic Master Series by Catherine Fisher
So excited! And they're HARDCOVERS!

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