Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's just so easy to get frustrated

I finally have a routine. It's not perfect, but every day when I get on the train, I pull out my laptop and try to write. It doesn't always work, sometimes I only write 100 words before giving it up as a bad job. But some days I write 850 words at a sprint, and those days are awesome. The train is perfect for me. I hate it, so making it writing time makes it worth it. Plus, as soon as I get home there are a million other things I want/need to do, so being able to push writing to the back of my mind for a few hours is one less thing to worry about.

I love that I am getting writing done. But now I wish I could write more. I'm just never happy. Thus is the curse of a writing life, I suppose. =] I'm also getting better at shutting off my inner editor and just getting words down on the page. I'm still a long way from finishing, but I'm already thinking about how I'm going to turn that off to edit. I may just immediately start working on another story. Which actually, I think is a good idea because it will give this story some time to rest.

I'm tossing between three books right now, A Madness of Angels, City of Bones, and A Matter of Blood. I've wanted to read City of Bones for a while, and it's okay. It's what I expected it to be, a fast-paced teen urban fantasy/romance. More interested in the other two right now, for something a little deeper. Not really to the "story" part of either yet, though.

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