Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am my own downfall

I was writing at a pleasant pace during my lunch break and I suddenly had to stop myself. Why, you say?


Working on this project has just been amazing. I've been knocking the idea around in my head for a month or two now, but I just outlined this story last thursday! And now I'm 5,000 words in. Ok, really not that much by most other people's standards, but that's really damn good for me. Especially for not writing anything over the weekend. (Though that will change this weekend, because I have four days off and I am not going that long without writing.)

I don't know what's different about this project that it seems to be working so well. Maybe it's because I have yet to hit the 1/3 mark of doom. Maybe it's because I finally set a goal for myself that's attainable. Maybe I found just the right amount of organization and outlining that lets me discovery write while still having a goal in mind.

Whatever it is, I don't really care because it's working.

I'm planning on posting the packet I used to outline my novel. I'm a big fan of worksheets and checklists (ohgoodylists) and I even made something similar back in high school for the dreaded five-paragraph essays. Old habits die hard, I guess. It's been so helpful, and it's already looking mighty disheveled since I carry it around with me everywhere and keep defacing it with notes to remember.

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  1. 20% = Congrats! I hear you about the 1/3 mark of doom - happens to me too (in fact, just a few weeks ago).

    Wishing you many, many words this long weekend.