Monday, June 20, 2011

Howdy y'all

Not much on the writing front to report. My best friend got married over the weekend, so the past four days have been spent preparing, participating, and recuperating from all the hoopla. It was super nice. I'll post some pictures from the wedding when my sister (the photographer) makes them pretty and passes them along. She expressly forbade me from taking them before she touched them up, though she did promise me that she wouldn't delete any of them, even the bad ones. Did I mention it was super nice? =] And she was an awesome bride (not that I've been in any other weddings to compare), zero bridezilla-ness and she was probably the most laid back of her whole family. We kept telling her to let her bitch-flag fly. I'm surprised I got any writing done last week actually, but I did ok. A few thousand words. Nothing spectacular, but like I said it was a week of preparing, along with my company Phillies game, so Thursday was shot since I didn't have my computer on the train. I didn't bring my computer today either because I knew I was going to be a zombie on the way in (which I was) but now I'm regretting it for the ride home. Oh well. I can ruminate on all the chores and errands I have to catch on since I've been out of commission on that front for a week. I have to stop at a restaurant in the city (not a big deal, just have to hop on the subway. I love my anywhere train pass) to pick up Cherrywood smoked malt, or somesuch, for Phil. He entered another beer brewing competition with his buddies and this one has a secret ingredient. I guess I don't really mention it on the blog, but Phil is really into beer. It's awesome, because I get to reap the benefits of all the good beer from him without having to do any of the work. =] But I guess pitching in to pick up supplies every once in a while (first time? what?) counts as helping. This is a scattered post, but whatev's. Just breaking between tasks at work. Peace out.

Also, the prologue and first chapter of Brandon Sanderson's next Mistborn book The Alloy of Law (out Nov 8) was posted on Tor! The Mistborn Trilogy was awesome, and I recommend it to all you folks out there. They will be posting everything up to chapter six, so keep checking back! Read the prologue and first chapter.

Ha, another update. I dropped all the books I mentioned in my last post and am now reading Echo City. I kept checking BN and they never had it so I finally broke down and ordered it. Yay!

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