Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Week

It's Monday, and already I can tell it is going to be a better week than last week. Last week I had Monday off, and for whatever reason it totally threw me for a loop. I didn't get anything productive done.The train rides were spent mostly staring out the window, sleeping, or reading the same paragraph over and over in my book.

Not to mention the writing. Let's just say it didn't.

But this past weekend was much more relaxing and recharging. I got to relax and read my book, and I got myself out of my funk. I was losing faith there, Pat Rothfuss. I finally got to the section everyone had been complaining about, and yes, it took me a while to get through it. But not for the reasons they were saying. Everyone complained about all the casual sex randomly stuck in there. But the section needed it, it's FELURIAN for crying out loud! The most beautiful woman in the world! Of course he's going to have sex. The problem was that it was BORING. I know you wanted to get in a lot of description of the Fae Realm, to show how weird and different it was. But really, it was just extra. The scene with the Cthulu tree was great, and I think you could have put description there and it would have worked better. But we didn't need six chapters on eating and swimming and sexing. It was boring. And let's be serious, we didn't even get to see the good stuff.

But I finally got through the section. And then, the writing started to fail me. When before I wanted to bathe in the words because they flowed so well but were so crisp, now I thought they were pretentious and annoying. Like the cocky quarterback trying to win the girl by reciting Shakespeare, but he has no idea what he's reading and picks up Othello and it's totally inappropriate and he just butchers the reading anyway. Just too high above his pay grade. I'm finally getting back into it, but slowly. I'm ready to be finished the book, regardless of my enjoyment level.

I didn't bring my computer with me today because I didn't to get caught in the rain with it and I also have to switch to a bigger bag. I'm happy to have a chance to use my college bag again. I loved that bag, but it was just too big for everyday use. I'll use that one on days I bring my computer, and my current bag on days I don't want to bring my computer. This way I won't feel bad about abandoning my current bag. =] I have a soft spot for bags. It's the one fashion thing I spend a decent amount of money on. Everything else is discount store and sales racks all the way. I wish I was more fashionable, but to be honest I just really don't like shopping. No patience for it. Unless it's books. But then I do my shopping online and go into the store knowing exactly what I want to buy.

So this week, I hope to get back on track with my writing. It's good to have breaks every once in a while. And on the train I was wishing I had my computer, so I'm sure I'll be dying for it on the way home. Oh well. Bang out some reading instead.

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