Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I always forget titles!

I thought I'd go the Bohemian way, and I hoofed it to Barnes and Noble to try and get some writing done. I was never one of those people to drag my laptop to a fancy cafe to do work, but sometimes I feel like purposely immersing myself in that kind of atmosphere can be helpful. Like tonight. I've written 200 words in 20 minutes. And as pathetic as that sounds, that's more than I've written in the past two days combined. And it's ten after eight, I still have at least an hour before bedtime.

Just kidding. (kinda not)

But I had to share with you: I walk into Barnes and Noble and go straight to the cafe. After realizing fuck,notables! I open my eyes and FUCK,DARTHVADER! In my Barnes and Noble! Complete with obnoxious breathing noises! AND Boba Fett!

Now that I've planted myself at a table, I get to watch Darth Vader menace people as they come in the door. BN should hire him as a greeter. He alternates between pictures, high-fives, and making a three year olds cry.

Back to writing. (201...202...209!...shit197...198...)

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