Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everyone can say it better than I can.

Catherynne M. Valente:
I've Got 30 Minutes and A Lot of Unpopular Opinions, So Let's Get Started
-- And did I mention Penn State had a riot? Sorry, celebration. Any reason to drink. And where did they all get full sized American flags? Oh yeah, the neighbor's lawn. In any case, this is near-exact how I feel, except in better language.

Chung Wendig:
Because Holy Fucking Shit, The First Draft, That's Why
-- Writerly reasons for drinking (Unrelated to previous link, and pretty much the opposite spectrum. I'm not against drinking, just the binge-drinking society of Penn State students. Ohwaityes I do love vomiting in my hair, isn't that funny?) I purposely didn't link to the whole article because the rest of it was just funny, not groundbreaking. This subheading was groundbreaking.

Yesterday I came home and followed my plan. I ate dinner, wrote while I waited for my food to settle, went for a run (short, but a good one), then relaxed for the night. It was nice, except I still haven't folded my laundry. Writing before running and after eating is a good combination (high sugar + not starving + not antsy and wired). I wrote 1100 words yesterday, but when I was done I didn't feel very satisfied. The scene wasn't working out very well. Instead of finishing that scene I am going to work on a different one today. I really want to work for my 4000 words this week, even though I will spend my four day weekend recuperating, I'm sure. Oh well, not thinking that far ahead yet. Four days at a time, please...

Also, COCONUT TWIX?!? They're okay. I love coconut, but I didn't know how the cookie/caramel/coconut combo would work... But there's no actual coconut in it anyway, just palm oil (fake coconut). So they're ok. Milky Way Midnights are still the best (especially in the plural).

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